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Baker BatShield Baker BatShield Baker BatShield


  1. The Baker BatShield™ allows the operator two-handed weapon firepower superiority... combined with high bodily coverage ballistic shield protection... deployed simultaneously! The design is so unique and innovative the Baker BatShield™ has been awarded U.S. Patent # 6,525,101.
  2. The Baker BatShield™ is approximately half the weight of conventional "bunkers"!
  3. The Baker BatShield™ permits multiple shielded handgun or long-gun operators to simultaneously engage armed adversaries and deliver quick, accurate firepower while moving towards the threat(s). In rapid deployment, immediate action tactical insertion scenarios... the slow moving "stick" is no longer necessary! Conventional "Bunker" ballistic shields are traditionally deployed using tactics that allow for a "stick" or "column" formation. The front "Bunker" shield operator only has use of a handgun, and is at a disadvantage as accurate fire is very difficult when shooting with the arm positioned around the shield, viewing the target and sight picture through the thick ballistic viewport. The "Bunker" backup operators are "stacked" to the rear of the number one primary handgun shielded shooter and have minimal ballistic protection.
  4. Only the Baker BatShield™ allows the operator two-handed manipulation of firearms without loss of the ballistic shield protection. Reloads, malfunction clearing and quick and efficient transitioning between long gun and pistol is now possible without putting the shield down and losing ballistic protection!
  5. The Baker BatShield™ can be temporarily stowed onto the operator's person by means of a simple "tether" attachment, to the front or back of the operator's torso as desired. When the Baker BatShield™ is swung around to protect the back torso, both hands are completely free... as would be needed during an "officer down" rescue situation. Conventional "Bunker" type shields are usually placed on the ground or floor during a "stand down" mode of operation.
  6. Silence of operation is maximized with the Baker BatShield™. The armor panels are all encased in soft, padded materials for swift, smooth, and very quiet operation!
  7. The design of the Baker BatShield™ allows the two outboard armor "wing" panels the ability to articulate and adjust for varying body sizes and angles of safety at the discretion of the operator. These adjustable wings also automatically adjust in towards the body when bumped up against an object, and then move back to the original set position when the object is passed. This is particularity helpful when moving through a narrow, confined area.
  8. The Baker BatShield™ allows for rapid folding and storage and/or carrying of the entire shield. When folded, the Baker BatShield™ is very compact and can be effectively transported inside confined areas such as patrol vehicles and aircraft. When folded outside of its high quality soft carrying case the Baker BatShield™ is much less recognizable to the public as compared to "Bunker" ballistic shields.


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Will the Baker BatShield™ be torn from my hand when the shield captures a high-energy handgun or shotgun round?
No. The impact from a high-energy projectile is effectively absorbed by the entire mass of the shield. We have simulated this by holding the shield and having someone take a full swing at the shield with an aluminum baseball bat. This is a realistic simulation of a ballistic impact event.

When either wing is impacted, the wing slaps up against the operator, and then automatically returns to its normal fully extended position. If the center armor panel is impacted, it swings the entire shield towards the operator, and then the operator easily positions the shield back to its desired position.

Why is the outer perimeter of the Baker BatShield™ scalloped in appearance, looking similar to batwings?
This shape was chosen for two important reasons. First, the scalloping allows a much smaller area of the shield edge to drag along a wall. The shield edge that contacts the wall "feathers", aiding silence of operation. This shape also lessens the chance that the shield will snag a nail or protrusion from the wall.

Second, the scalloping gives a second team-member two protected shooting positions to choose from along either side of the shield. One high, and one low.

What is the ballistic material used in the Baker BatShield™?
100% polyethylene thermoplastic pressed into a multi-curved hard composite. This ballistic configuration is certified to comply with NIJ-Std-0101.08 affording Threat Level IIIA performance.

How effective is the Baker BatShield™ against multiple hits and tight impact groups?
Excellent. The polyethylene thermoplastic composite is the most effective and appropriate ballistic material that can be used to protect the user from multiple hits and tight groups. It has truly amazing ballistic properties. This will be demonstrated during Baker Batshield Certified Training Classes.

Are deflections and/or ricochets possible off the Baker BatShield™?
Deflections, unlikely. Ricochets, no. The polyethylene thermoplastic composite is the most effective and appropriate ballistic material that can be used to protect fellow team members from deflections and ricochets. This will also be demonstrated during Baker BatShield Certified Training Classes.

Is it possible to penetrate the area between the outboard wings and the center ballistic panel, endangering the user?
No. The design affords a minimum of a one-inch overlap. The overlap is curved and stacked so that a direct impact into this area could only come from a shooter located behind and to the side of the operator. And at this angle, a round that found the seam between the armor panels would harmlessly follow the curve of the center armor panel, and be captured by either the center panel or opposite wing edge.

Why is the Baker BatShield™ so soft to the touch?
For stealth-like properties and composite protection. The entire polyethylene thermoplastic composite is completely surrounded by lightweight foam padding. This construction method allows the Baker BatShield™ to be extremely quiet during use while giving the plastic armor panels a durable protective coating.

How can a ballistic shield as thin and light as the Baker BatShield™ hold-up to rough law enforcement and military use?
Training. By designing a shield without extensive plastic or metal protective skins, nor metal or rubber edges, the Baker BatShield™ has saved much unnecessary weight and thickness. Traditional "bunker" ballistic shields incorporate extra materials that enhance their toughness proportionally to weight increases.

Low cost, high impact plastic non-ballistic "training shields" are available from Baker BatShield™ that closely duplicate the shape, flexibility, weight and function of the real Baker BatShield™. These "training shields" are designed to be paint-balled (and easily cleaned), and repeatedly struck with aluminum baseball bats for ballistic impact familiarization. They can be thoroughly abused during frequent training exercises.

The actual Baker BatShield™ should be used only during real operations. They are not designed to be frequently thrown, dropped, sat on, or stacked beneath heavy gear. The Baker Batshield should be granted the same level of care and respect that is normally afforded to your primary weapon.

How many Baker Batshield™ sizes are available?
Two. The "Compact" sized shield should provide excellent coverage to 85% to 95% of the U.S. adult population. It currently weighs 8.5 pounds. The "Full" sized shield is used on very large individuals, someone over 6'2" tall AND above 280 pounds.

What is the approximate weight per shield?
It currently weighs 10.5 pounds

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