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X-Caliber Tactical is an authorized reseller and distributor of Piper's Precision Products.

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The original production run of Gatling Guns are regrettably sold out.  But X-Caliber Tactical is negotiating with Piper's Precision Products abbot the possibility of a second production run if there's enough demand!  Please contact us at sales@xcalibertactical.com or call 512-524-2621 for all inquiries.

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Piper's Precision Products Gatling Gun:

Airsoft Gatling Gun Airsoft Gatling Gun

X-Caliber Tactical is proud to reveal the Piper's Precision Products Airsoft Gatling Gun to the general public. Paul Piper of Piper's Precision Products (aka P3), the creator behind the Strafer airsoft/airguns and Vulcan miniguns, has developed this wonderful and functional 1/3 scale .177 metal BB firing full automatic gas operated replica machine as a scale historical heavy support weapon.

This is an airpower Gatling Gun (approx. 1/3 scale) that shoots standard .177 cal BBS that can be purchased from your local sporting goods store. It runs off of standard shop air, CO2 or HPA (Such as Nitrogen or scuba air). The gun comes from the shop air-ready, but if you want to use an alternate gas source, contact us to let us know what you want to use. Just about any compressed gas will work as long as it is properly regulated.

Airsoft Gatling Gun Airsoft Gatling Gun

P3 takes great pride in the products they design. Paul and his brother Joseph have networked products back and forth from Texas to Ohio for several years. This year they were able to work side by side on a new product that they should have built a long time ago, a 1/3 scale version 1860 gatling gun. Most of you are familiar with their most popular unit, the pneumatic minigun. They will be building more of these units later on in the year, but right now, they are solely focused on the Gatling.

This little jewel fires .177 cal BBs just as fast as you can crank it. 10 rounds per 1-revolution of the handle. you can easily get 40 rounds per second with moderate cracking. it utilizes an internal hopper that holds 2500 rnds and runs off of standard shop air, C02 and HPA.

Airsoft Gatling Gun Airsoft Gatling Gun

This is a .177 metal BB firing weapon. As such, it is not for less lethal or airsoft use. Piper's Precision Products nor X-Caliber Tactical CANNOT be held responsible for any accidents or incidents due to misuse or neglect or use of the gatling gun in a not-recommended manner.

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This product is considered an airsoft or BB gun and thus is not typically subjected to any typical FFL restrictions and is legal in all countries, states, and cities that permit ownership of airsoft or BB guns. Buyers however are suggested to consult their local codes and must be over 18 and are required to sign a legal waiver. This waiver must be downloaded and a signed copied must either be scanned and emailed to sales@xcalibertactical.com or faxed after contacting us indicating your intent to purchase.

Please include your address with your order so that we can establish a total including shipping and insurance to your location.

We accept payments by way of personal check, money orders (all checks must clear prior to orders being shipped), or we take Visa, Master Card or Discover Card over the phone.

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Piper's Precision Products Gatling Gun replica for .177 metal BBs

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